The Promise Keeper

Heb 10:23 (ICB)
Let us hold firmly to the hope that we have confessed. We can trust God to do what He promised.

As I study the scriptures, one of the things that stand out for me is the fact that God always do what He says He will do.
He keeps his word and brings it to pass in the life of the individual, family or nation not because of what they have done or not done but because that is His character, that is who He is.

The Lord is a promise keeper!

For some of us, we might struggle to accept or believe this completely because we live in a world of disappointments where people are not used to keeping their word.

Some of us had been let down in the past, now we struggle to trust others no matter how genuine they might be, unknowingly we approach God's promises with this attitude.
Though we agree mentally that God is good but to place our trust in His word completely is an uphill task for us.

Today I want to share Mary Magdalene's story with you. I studied it, asked the Lord questions about it and because it has blessed me , I want to share it with you believing it will bless you too in Jesus name.

Jesus knew he was here on earth for a reason and for a limited time, he also knew that after his mission here on earth had been accomplished, he would be crucified and he would resurrect on the third day and so he talked about it all the time to his disciples.

He gave them his word that he would resurrect. Matt 26:32.

To you reading this, it might not really mean much to you but the Lord knew that the days following his crucifixion would be long and dark for the disciples. They would suddenly be a lone sheep among wolves as the religious leaders who had always criticised and condemned them and the Lord for not observing the Sabbath day, not following Moses law among other issues would come for them.

The Lord knew all they would face, He knew it would look like they had been abandoned, he knew fear and doubt will grip them so he prepared them and gave them HIS WORD.

Let's read Matt 26:32 and see what the Lord said exactly:

'But after I am risen again, I will go before you into Galilee'

That was the word he gave them before he was crucified.

Now Mary Magdalene wasn't one of the disciples, she must have heard the Lord talking about his resurrection when he spoke to the disciples and she believed him and held on to every word and waited patiently till she saw the manifestation of that promise.

Lets see what happened in John 20 (This was after the Lord had been crucified and buried)

  • verse 1-2, Mary Magdalene had been to the sepulchre on the first day of the week following the Lord's death and saw that the stone used to cover it had been taken away so she ran and called two of the disciples of the Lord as she assumed someone had taken the body of the Lord away. At this junction, her thoughts were probably running riots with the enemy whispering and telling her the Lord lied, for how will the promise of resurrection come to pass if his body was no longer there?

  • verse 3-5, the disciples came running with her, one stooped down, looked inside the sepulchre briefly but didn't go in.

  • verse 6-8, the other disciple went in, saw the clothes the Lord was buried in, believed but went back home and left Mary Magdalene there. May I at this junction say that James 2:19 tells us demons also believe and tremble so to just believe the word of the Lord isn't enough until you put action to your believing and that's what Mary Magdalene did.

  • verse 11, the Bible tells us 'Mary stood without at the sepulchre weeping and refused to go home'. She remembered the Lord gave his promise that he would rise again and that's all that mattered, hence her refusal to go home like the disciples. Surely if the Lord said it, he would do it! He is a promise keeper!

Then something happened!!!

She stooped down and looked into the sepulchre, the same sepulchre the disciples looked into and saw nothing and decided to go back home, Mary Magdalene looked into it and saw two angels.

Hebrews 10:36 (NLT) tells us 'Patient endurance is what you need now, so that you will continue to do God's will. Then you will receive all that he has promised.

The question is 'were the angels there all the time? probably, but only Mary got to see them and that's all that mattered not only that, she also got to see the Lord Jesus first in his resurrected body.

Mary had the promise of the resurrection like the disciples, believed like them but added action to hers, the Lord said he would resurrect on the third day, surely he would resurrect and so she stayed put by his sepulchre, waiting for him to resurrect, nothing wavering.

James 2:22(NLT) says ' you see, his faith and his actions worked together. His actions made his faith complete.

The Bible was referring to Abraham here who obeyed God and actually was going to offer Isaac as a sacrifice on the altar as he believed God was able to raise him from the dead should he sacrifice him.

The disciples were probably not fully persuaded so they went home.

Brethren, Jesus can be trusted.

Whatever he has said to you, he will do it.

To put your trust in someone or something is a huge step to take and the Lord Jesus is the only constant one we can trust to stay the same.

He told his disciples in John 14:6 that he would send another comforter to them and he did. In Acts 2, they received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

He told Mary & Martha in John 11:23 that their brother would rise again and he did.

When the Egyptian pursued the Israelites, Moses said the Egyptian they saw that day, they would see them no more and they never did. 
1 Cor 10:4 says Jesus was the rock that followed them in the wilderness.

Need I say anymore, the Lord keeps his word. What has he said to you, what promise are you holding onto?
Mediate on Hebrews 10:36 and receive strength and not faint.

He told Thomas in John 20:29 'Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed'.

You will receive what He promised you for He is a Promise keeper.

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