Lessons from Joseph

Through the study of God's word, I found out that true prosperity exceeds material possessions. Material possessions are good but contrary to general belief, true prosperity is not just about that and so just because you don't have them now does not mean God is not with you.

God wants you to prosper but that is not limited to material possessions only.

The Bible called Joseph a prosperous man while he was a slave! Genesis 39:2.

As I studied about Joseph, I gleaned some treasures from the scriptures and came up with what I have titled 'lessons from Joseph', do read on............

Joseph was born like every other child. He lived with his family and went about his normal day to day activities and there were no problems until God showed him a dream, he then decided to tell his brothers about the dream.

The dream as we now know from scriptures was about his future, his destiny.
Joseph didn't make up the dream and it wasn't his idea. It was God's plan for his life.
Jeremiah 1:5 (MSG) says 'I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations'

One key thing to note here is that it wasn't the time that Joseph had the dream that God designed the dream.
It had already been planned and designed by God before Joseph was conceived in his mothers' womb.
The dream was just an opportunity from God for him to have a glimpse of the beautiful plan he had for Joseph's life.

Now that God had showed Jospeh a glimpse of his beautiful future, Joseph had two choices.
1. To follow the dream.
2. To do his own thing.

Joseph followed the dream.

Although we know that not long after God showed him the dream, all hell was let loose as things began to work against him, however against all odds, he trusted the Lord and held on.
Joseph could have doubted the dream or murmured against the Lord as all he experienced was contrary wind. First of all, it was his own brothers who sold him to slavery. He could have rebelled against the Lord at this junction and asked why him? for with human eyes and mind, it seemed the end of the dream.

How will the dream come to pass?, from being the most loved son in your own family and country to being sold off as a slave into a foreign country, it was definitely the end of his dream or so it looked.
His dream revealed he will reign but how would that happen now that he was a slave in a foreign land.
He could have employed human reasoning to analyse the dream and talk himself out of it but as young as he was, he held on to the dream knowing that only the plan of God for a man is what makes a man to succeed in life.

You might want to ask then what the definition of success is?
Success is not fame, money, power or societal status symbol, success is doing what God created you to do, simple.

God the Father said about God the son in Matthew 3:17, 'this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased'. It was written about Jesus before he was born in Matt 1:21 that he will save his people from their sin and that's exactly what he did. According to God, Jesus succeeded because he did what he was created to do. God the Father had to publicly declare that he was pleased with him.

Are you doing what God created you to do? Have you found out what it is or you just follow whatever life brings your way?
This brings us to the lessons from Joseph......

Lesson 1 - Not all adversity is evil.
Some adversity that come your way which are beyond your control and not your doing might not necessarily be evil. When adversity come your way, trust God that he will see you through.
Joseph was sold into slavery, it was beyond him, he couldn't  have done anything about it but He trusted God in it.

Gen 39:2 tells us God was with Joseph. This is the most important thing.
Joseph never knew that the beginning of that adversity was the heralding of his reign into leadership. He had to be sold into slavery for the dream to kick start.
He didn't write the dream and so he couldn't have dictated the terms of the dream or how it will unfold.

There is a plan God wrote about you!

It was already written before you were formed in your mother's womb. God is the architect of that dream, the terms were written out by God. He knows how it will happen, he might show you in part as he did to Joseph, he might not. Whatever he decides to do, what he planned about you is to take you to an expected end. Jeremiah 29:11

Therefore when adversity which is beyond your control comes your way , remember God is with you, no matter how unpleasant it may be. Isaiah 43:2
God never leaves his children, he is always with you.

Lesson 2 - He served before he could be served
Most believers struggle with serving others or those God has placed over them as leaders. They want to see abundance of blessings right now not realising God is well organised, a great planner and He has laws in place that must be followed.

For example when a farmer plants a seed, he waits a while before harvesting and everyone of us understands that but when it comes to spiritual things, even after we have planted, we don't want to wait before we harvest.

God could have just made Joseph a Prime Minister straight away, but he made him serve Potiphar first, then the keeper of the prison after he was wrongfully accused and put in prison.
Apostle Paul talked about not putting people with no experience in leadership. 1 Tim 3:5-7
Some people struggle to manage their family, yet they want to manage the church of God.
You have not served your family but you want to be served in the church of God.

Heb 5:8-9 tells us that Jesus learned obedience through the things he suffered. Jesus had to become a man first before he was exalted and sat at the right hand of the Father.
He served his disciples, he served people before he was lifted up.

He showed us that THE WAY UP IS DOWN!! Be a servant first!

Serving teaches you humility, obedience, taking instruction from people humbles you, not everyone can do that, however anyone heading towards greatness has to learn to serve.
Joseph served faithfully and because of this, God kept prospering him, Gen 39:21-23, both in Potiphar's house and in the prison.
He passed the test of faithfulness and so God could allow him to lead a nation.

Wherever God has placed you either in your secular job or in the church of God, serve faithfully. Whatever is in your hand to do, do it diligently. Give it your best, don't render a poor service.
In the world today, we complain when we get poor customer service, what do you think it's on God's
mind concerning the way we handle whatever it is that is committed into our hands.

If you don't serve, you won't be served and remember that your destiny which is designed by God is for greatness, so serve faithfully so you can be served when your times comes.

Lesson 3 - Prosperity is not just financial
In Gen 39, the word 'prosper' appeared 3 times about Joseph. The Bible tells us that God prospered Joseph yet he was a slave!
How can a slave be prosperous if prosperity is all about money?

True prosperity is the blessings of God upon an individual.

Joseph's masters recognised this true prosperity upon Joseph and so they handed over everything to the one who had the golden touch. That's wisdom. They were his boss but they saw God was with him, they recognised he was blessed and they knew if God be for a man, who can be against him? Gen 39:3-6, 22
Today even believers fail to recognise what true prosperity is and so it's easy to be discouraged. You look at people with financial wealth and you become depressed because you don't have as much as they do!

Do you not know there is a grace to prosper upon every believer?

How do I know this? 1 Peter 1:23, the bible says we are born of the incorruptible seed, you are wired by a seed that can never know corruption. After you became born again, your DNA changed from limitation to endless greatness, you became unstoppable, what is in you cannot be destroyed, you cannot be relegated into the background, you became a force to be reckoned with so you will prosper but recognise that true prosperity is not just financial.

Lesson 4 - After climbing the mountain, there are usually many more
On your way to greatness, you will climb mountains!
Climbing mountains is not a family curse, Joseph kept climbing mountains but they brought him closer to the dream. It wasn't smooth sailing at all but he kept on.
You will encounter mountains but you will have a good story to tell, why? because God is with you.
Joseph had a good story to tell when he revealed himself to his brothers. Gen 45:3-8

Lesson 5 - The dream was created to be fulfilled
God is not an entertainer. He didn't create your specific dream and revealed it to you for entertaining purposes.
What has He revealed to you? Did you take the revelations seriously or you brushed them aside?
God knows the end from the beginning. He made you to succeed and you will succeed. He made your children to succeed and they will succeed.

Go seek God and ask Him more about his plans for your life. Talk to the Lord about what He has shown you.
The dream kept Joseph going through all his trials.
He must have been encouraging himself believing the plans God had for his life will surely come to pass and they came to pass as we see in Gen 41:42-43.

Joseph reigned and people bowed before him.
You also must believe God's plan for your life as they will surely come to pass in Jesus name.

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