What will people say?

The fear of human opinion disables; trusting in God protects you from that. Proverbs 29:25 (MSG)

Look at the title and pause for a minute, has this statement ever crossed your mind, if yes then please read on.

I am going to be talking today in the line of your thoughts when it goes 'What will people say?, I wonder what they think of me, I want to try but people might think it's not good enough or acceptable etc.

In short, I will speak on these little foxes that eat away at your confidence and don't allow you follow your dreams and achieve your God given potentials all because of the 'fear of men'.

They are very subtle voices in your mind yet they are powerful negative tools in the hands of the enemy to stop you.

A lot of people value the opinion of men so much so it is limiting what they are capable of doing. All of us have great potentials. God did not create any junk. 
However, human opinion can be profitable if properly evaluated before placing reliance on it.

Why would you allow what people think or will think of you stop you from going after your dreams?

A lot of the times people give an opinion on what you want to do, it is mainly in their own interest not yours most especially close friends and relatives. They know you very well, your weaknesses, your family background etc and once you roll out your big dream in their ears, you become a threat as you indirectly expose their own failures.

People look after themselves first, human being are generally selfish, only those who are renewing their mind with the word of God always, who love the Lord genuinely and are desiring to be like the Lord will not judge you or condemn you or talk down your dream and they are few.

Jeremiah 17:9 - The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, who can know it?

The bible says the heart of man is deceitful, not only that but desperately wicked, if you are aiming for the stars and you listen to the opinion of people who are crawling and have no intention of walking let alone fly, what do you think they will say about your dreams?

I agree there might be some people who genuinely wish you well but run their opinion with the word of God. 
A lot of human opinions are biased and based on the traditions of men. 
Even Jesus told the Pharisees and the elders off because of their traditions which they exalted above the commands of God in Matthew 15.

Why do your disciples transgress the traditions of the elders for they do not wash hands before eating bread? They asked Jesus.

Listen to Jesus 's response in verse 3...
Why do you also transgress the commandments of God by your traditions?

The commands of God must supercede tradition always. Don't forget that. 

Men's traditions are strong and it exists also in the church by the way. 
They tell you this is how we have done things even if there is no biblical justification for it and so friends,  if you are going to wait till people accept you, like you, believe in you, agree with your ideas, I pray you don't wait till eternity most especially if you are from a culture where tradition is strong.

I tell you friends, break the mould! Once you know in your spirit that you are pursuing your God given dream, let nobody stop you.

Joseph 's older brothers hated him for the dreams God gave him, why? His dreams were against the norm, against tradition. 
He was the second youngest and so how dare he tell them he dreamt they were bowing down to him but that was God's plan for Joseph and it eventually came to pass.

I remember some years back I decided to embark on a project which at the time was against 'the norm'. 
For me, i knew I had to do it to take a step closer to my dreams, almost everyone who knew about it was against it not because they hated me but because I was treading on unfamiliar grounds. It wasn't popular.

It was risky but today the same people who voiced their opinion strongly and was against it now agrees it was a wise decision. If I had listened to their opinion, today I will have myself to blame as every man is responsible for his actions.

Of course, I could have listened to their opinion as I got a lot of it but I decided to go with my heart and trust the Lord. 
I wasn't sure it will be successful but I still tried. 
The real failures in life are those who never try.

Was I afraid? Undoubtedly yes, did I have everything as at then needed to start the project, no! As a matter of fact, I had every reason under the sun not to go for it but I still went for it. 

I knew I could use their strong opinions as an excuse not to start the project but I also knew embarking on the project will open unlimitless opportunities for me and so against all the voices of fear screaming in my mind, I jumped at the opportunity. Today I have no regrets. 

That verse says human opinion 'disables'. KJV version says it 'ensnares'. In other words, you become like a captive! 

What people think makes you become like a slave, now that is worrying but true if at any time you need to take a step in your pursuit of purpose you think 'what will people think or say?

Always weigh human opinion and trust God. He is the only righteous judge with no hidden motives.
Friends, let no human opinion stop you.

Finally, I leave you with the quote below......

If your mind can conceive a great idea, then you have the ability to perform it

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