Can I make it?

It is quite easy to look at highly successful and wealthy people today and wish you were like them. People say things like ‘If I came from a wealthy and influential family, things will be better for me or if I was born in a particular country, I will be better off or if I had a western education, I will be on top of my game……..but the truth is every child of God has all it takes to succeed in life.

Everything you need to succeed in life has been given to you; Ephesians 1:3

The problem is most believers are very ignorant of this fact so they continue to live through life as second fiddle, poverty stricken, below their potential and weak.

I want to share with you today teachings that the Holy Spirit taught me through personal study of the Word. It has revolutionised my life and it will bless you too.

However this might not be everyone’s cup of tea if you feel you don’t need this teaching then please forward to someone who might need it. Thank you

The Lord taught me that my mind is powerful. He said through the workings of my mind, I can be whatever I want to be. As for Him, He has already pronounced me blessed because I am in Christ however through my thoughts I can achieve greatness or otherwise. 

In plain language it means your life now is going the way of your thoughts !!! (Proverbs 23:7)

Your mind – a powerful weapon

And be not conformed to this world but be ye TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God Romans 12:2.

While it is true that some people have the advantage of being born into wealthy families or having western education to start them off well early in life, the truth is that the difference between a highly successful man and others can be traced back to the workings of their mind.

Your mind is a very powerful weapon which can work for you or against you depending on what you have done with it.

Take for example; some people’s attitudes are so terrible (Bad attitude stems from bad mindset) that no one will want to be near them let alone do anything with them. 

You just don’t want to be around them, they moan about everything, they see only the negative, they are the half empty glass people, they cling to bad news and always expect the worst. Their mind is accustomed to the fears of this world, they play it safe always and will never take a calculated risk hence they remain where they are for years. 

Such people cannot achieve the best that God has for them as fearful people cannot be great. It takes faith to venture into unknown fields, it takes faith to believe what you haven't seen, it takes faith to do what others are not prepared to do and it definitely takes faith to trust the God you haven't seen.

Your mind is going to either see fear or opportunity, failure or grace to succeed, average or greatness. Your mind can only see one or the other depending on what you have fed your mind with over time.

If you are a believer, you have no limit in life, irregardless of your background, colour, position or nationality. You are a seed of God, the Spirit of God lives in you. There is no limit to where you can reach as a child of God. Only you can put a seal on your growth in life.

In Romans 12:2, the Holy Spirit says expressly ‘do not conform to this world’. It is amazing how believers want to succeed yet still want to be like the people of this fallen world. 

Obey Romans 12:2 and you fast track your success in life, disobey it or ignore it and you keep moving round in circles.

What does it mean to conform to this world?
Romans 8:6 – For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.  Carnality simply is to do things in the flesh; just the way the people of the world does it. To respond to things in the flesh, some of us operate in envy, hatred, bitterness, wickedness, pride, unforgiveness etc. This is the way of the world.

Such attitude stems from an unrenewed mind which leads us to the next thing the Holy Spirit says in his word in Romans 12:2, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.

The only way not to be carnally minded is to renew your mind. There is no other way. 
People say ‘But that woman is a Christian, why is her attitude terrible or look at the way that sister behaves, yet she is the worship leader at church!!. She is a Pastor's wife yet she treats people shabbily, He is a minister of God yet he talks to people with no respect, it's all a result of an unrenewed mind. 

It doesn’t matter how long she or he has been born again or what titles they may hold in the church.

So how do I renew my mind? Through personal study of the word of God.

Personal study of the word of God everyday will reveal who you are in Christ, the fruit of the spirit will effortlessly manifest in your life, you won’t struggle to love others or forgive, you will find it hard to be bitter or envy others because you know you are blessed. Only ignorant believers operate in envy as they don't know what they have in Christ or how to receive it.

Personal study of the word will reveal the innumerable treasures in Christ that belong to you, the provisions Christ already made for you and how to receive them.

The word of God will reveal to you how to overcome obstacles, fears, limitations and it will let you know how to achieve your potential as nothing will be impossible to you. 

When you know who you are, what has been provided for you already, how to receive it, it changes your perception about this life and it improves your relationship with people and God.

That verse says renewing your mind will lead to transformation!
To be transformed and succeed, some things will have to give.
I recently read a write up about highly successful people and found out that most of their time is spent reading books on business ideas, creativity and learning something new. They rarely watch TV!!!

I also read somewhere that if you want to hide money away from Africans, put it inside a book as they don’t read books. A lot of believers spend too much time watching films, movies and soap operas on TV. How does this add value to your life?

A believer who wants to be transformed will have to give up a lot of TV time to study the word of God for therein lies success, that success you crave, that height you desire, that greatness you pray for is all in the word. You will have to study personally to dig out the treasure in the word of God, believe it and see them come to pass in your life.

There are people wanting greatness, success, prosperity and blessings which are all in the word of God but are not prepared to put in the hours to study and meditate.

The word of God brings about an effortless change!

People are looking for success externally; they are wishing their circumstances to change but are not ready to do it the Lord’s way.

When you begin to study consistently, boldness comes upon you, you receive divine instruction from the Holy Spirit on what to do, you suddenly find out nothing will be impossible to you, the things you see before as mountains becomes stepping stones, your mind begins to think like God as it is being renewed daily with the word of God.

You will then be able to say like Caleb in Numbers 13:30 ‘Let us go up at once and possess it for we are well able to overcome it. 
When others see fear and impossibility, you will see opportunities for promotion and greatness.

Your story can change today. Start renewing your mind with the word of God.

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