God honours faith, not need


From the tests we carried out and based on the date of your last period, you are 10 weeks pregnant. 
He smiled at her, extended his hand and she shook it firmly.

She smiled back, thanked Dr Craig and left his office. She was going to be a mother. How very surreal. 
She couldn't believe it. She had been her usual self until lately when she had felt very tired and sleepy everytime. She had always had irregular periods so when she missed her period, she had put it all down to stress at work. 
To think she was 10 weeks pregnant and totally unawares!

She rubbed her stomach and wondered about the changes beginning to take place in her body. It is indeed a miracle. 
She picked up her phone and rang her husband, he will be over the moon. They had only been married four months. 

Her parents will be very happy to say the least. She was an only child. 

Dave answered his phone and was excited at the news. He promised to be home early tonight.
She got into her car and decided to go to her parents house and share the good news. 

Her mum opened the door and hugged her as she walked into the lounge.
She loved her parents and enjoyed visiting them.
How are you dear? Her mum asked.
'I'm fine Mum'. Where is Dad?

He has an appointment with Dr Beale, he will be back soon.

'I have good news for you Mum, you are going to be a grandmother'. She said excitedly.

Really? My goodness! Congratulations dear! Her mum was all smiles. 
That is the best news ever. 
How far gone are you?

10 weeks today, the doctor said. I wasn't even aware, I feel fine, it's all so strange to me.
I only started feeling tired and sleepy last week and Dave insisted I book an appointment with the GP and after some tests he carried out he confirmed I was 10 weeks pregnant!

It’s a miracle dear, her mum said.

The same thing happens when every child of God trusts Him for a miracle, any miracle.

How do you mean, Mum? She asked.

The day you conceived, nobody knew, even you were totally unaware, except God. It took you a while to start feeling the changes taking place in your body. 

This also applies concerning spiritual matter, when a child of God prays, asking and trusting God for a miracle, initially it might seem as if nothing is happening in the physical as there is no evidence that the prayer has been answered immediately but a seed has been planted and it is growing.

When that child of God keeps standing in faith and believe that he or she will receive her petition from God, the seed of prayer keep growing underneath.
However, should that believer give up and become double minded just as the bible says in James 1:8, their unbelief can stifle the growth of the prayer seed and it might die so that they don’t see the manifestation of their miracle.

But if they refuse to give up and hold on tightly to their faith, soon the prayer seed will shoot out and everyone can see just like for you after a while your stomach will protrude and everyone can see you are expecting a baby.

Oh Mum, what great insight! I missed my bible studies days with you.
Her mum smiled at her as she brushed back a strand of hair from her face, you can study on your own and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you.

In the parable of the sower that Jesus told in the scriptures in Mark 4:26-29, after a farmer has planted his seed, he will sleep, rise night and day but has no clue how the seed will grow but it definitely will grow. It's the same principle.

Mum, you know I just read the parables in the Bible like a story, I never knew there was so much to glean from it.

Well my dear, every word in the scriptures was written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit for us. There is a lot in there for every child of God to run with.

Anyway as I was saying, after a while everyone can see your protruding stomach so they know you are expecting a baby and after nine months you deliver the child.

The time has to be right, I mean pregnancy must be full term for our joy to be full, isn’t it?
'Oh yes Mum', she replied. 
I would not want to miscarry this pregnancy or give birth to a premature baby.

Exactly! So also a believer must wait patiently in faith for the miracle he or she has asked for in prayer.
There is a time for everything under the sun. Ecclesiastes 3:1

God honours faith, not need. If you have asked in faith, it’s only a matter of time; all eyes shall see the miracle.

Thank you Mum, you have really blessed me. She got up to leave.What will I do without you? She hugged her Mum.

To God be the glory said her Mum.
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Bye Bye.

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