A Great Revelation

Everyone she knows seems to be happy with their life or are they not?
They look very happy, nothing seem to be bothering them.

I will give anything to be happy too and free of problems, Catherine thought to herself.

She got up from the couch and walked to the front door to pick up the post. The postman had just dropped them. 
As she bent down, she noticed a bulky parcel with two other letters, she ripped open the parcel whilst wondering what it was. 
Inside the brown envelope was a brand new glossy book.

'Fight for it’ was written boldly on the cover.

She peered inside the envelope searching for a note from whoever the sender was but there was none. 
Who sent this to her and what was it about? 

She shrugged her shoulders and walked slowly back into her living room. Maybe it was Lorna or Mum who sent it. Soon she will find out who it was, out of curiosity, she opened the book.

If you are a child of God and you are reading this,
You are blessed, blessed, blessed. (Ephesians 1:3)
However the blessings of God are not going to fall on
you like ripe berries off the tree.
You have to fight for it, take it and keep it!
God is not withholding any good thing from you
He is the one that provided the blessings for you
He is a good Father
But the enemy will contend with you
Why? Because you are blessed above all people.

She closed the book and shut her eyes. 

Yes I am a child of God, but right now I don’t agree that I am blessed, blessed, blessed, I don't even feel blessed she thought as the tears welled up her eyes and streamed down her face.

How can I possibly be blessed with all that is happening in my life. Whoever wrote this book is either living in a bubble or referring to some selected people, she thought. 
Her son was severely disabled and needed round the clock care. He was born that way, she loved him but wondered why they had to give birth to a disabled child. They were believers after all. 

They were also trying for another baby, yet nothing. The doctors said they couldn't find any reason why she shouldn't conceive but after her first pregnancy her body had just refused to conceive.

Their next door neighbour are not even Christians yet they have three children all healthy and well. 
Their finances weren’t great, they struggle to make ends meet yet both John and herself were graduates from reputable universities and they both work. 

They would love to have their own house but she simply cannot see how that will happen with their present status. 

What is really wrong with us? She thought.

She opened the book again.

Chapter 1
Do you know who you are?
Are you aware of what rightfully belong to you?
Do you know ignorance can make a man starve to death in the midst of plenty?

Colossians 3:3 (MSG) says your old life is dead,
your new life which is your real life –
even though invisible to spectators is with Christ in God

After you became born again, your old life of misery died. Do you know that?
You have a new life now and that new life is in Christ.
In Christ, there is no misery, sorrow, sickness, pain, lack, fear or want.
If you are experiencing any of these, you have to fight.
Fight for what rightfully belongs to you.
Fight and get back your peace, perfect health, joy, marriage, prosperity and long life.

Who are you fighting?
John 10:10 – The thief cometh not but to steal, to kill and to destroy!
Fight the devil, he is a thief, a liar and a deceiver.
Command him to steer clear off  your property. Be bold like a lion.
And put out a sign ‘DO NOT TRESPASS’ in the spirit on all that belongs to you.
Do not be like the ignorant believers who say I will just manage here and when I get to heaven, I will then enjoy with the Lord
No! Jesus became poor so you can be rich here on earth, the stripes on his body were for your healing, he conquered sin in the flesh so you can live a victorious life over sin
There is no reason to be miserable here on earth, fight for what belongs to you.

She wiped away her tears and thought to herself 'No one had ever explained it like this to me'
What great revelation and eye opener!

I pray everyday and go to church but I have have always asked the Lord to bless me in my prayers not knowing I am already blessed and I only need to contend with the devil and collect back all that belongs to me, she thought.

Now I know. I have to contend in the place of prayer for my son’s health, my fruitfulness and our finances.

First things first, she picked up her bible, she needed to start studying deeply to find out who she really is in Christ and all that belongs to her, only then can she take back what has been stolen from her.

She looked out the window and smiled. The sky was blue again.

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