God honours faith, not need


From the tests we carried out and based on the date of your last period, you are 10 weeks pregnant. 
He smiled at her, extended his hand and she shook it firmly.

She smiled back, thanked Dr Craig and left his office. She was going to be a mother. How very surreal. 
She couldn't believe it. She had been her usual self until lately when she had felt very tired and sleepy everytime. She had always had irregular periods so when she missed her period, she had put it all down to stress at work. 
To think she was 10 weeks pregnant and totally unawares!

She rubbed her stomach and wondered about the changes beginning to take place in her body. It is indeed a miracle. 
She picked up her phone and rang her husband, he will be over the moon. They had only been married four months. 

Her parents will be very happy to say the least. She was an only child. 

Dave answered his phone and was excited at the news. He promised to be home early tonight.
She got into her car and decided to go to her parents house and share the good news. 

Her mum opened the door and hugged her as she walked into the lounge.
She loved her parents and enjoyed visiting them.
How are you dear? Her mum asked.
'I'm fine Mum'. Where is Dad?

He has an appointment with Dr Beale, he will be back soon.

'I have good news for you Mum, you are going to be a grandmother'. She said excitedly.

Really? My goodness! Congratulations dear! Her mum was all smiles. 
That is the best news ever. 
How far gone are you?

10 weeks today, the doctor said. I wasn't even aware, I feel fine, it's all so strange to me.
I only started feeling tired and sleepy last week and Dave insisted I book an appointment with the GP and after some tests he carried out he confirmed I was 10 weeks pregnant!

It’s a miracle dear, her mum said.

The same thing happens when every child of God trusts Him for a miracle, any miracle.

How do you mean, Mum? She asked.

The day you conceived, nobody knew, even you were totally unaware, except God. It took you a while to start feeling the changes taking place in your body. 

This also applies concerning spiritual matter, when a child of God prays, asking and trusting God for a miracle, initially it might seem as if nothing is happening in the physical as there is no evidence that the prayer has been answered immediately but a seed has been planted and it is growing.

When that child of God keeps standing in faith and believe that he or she will receive her petition from God, the seed of prayer keep growing underneath.
However, should that believer give up and become double minded just as the bible says in James 1:8, their unbelief can stifle the growth of the prayer seed and it might die so that they don’t see the manifestation of their miracle.

But if they refuse to give up and hold on tightly to their faith, soon the prayer seed will shoot out and everyone can see just like for you after a while your stomach will protrude and everyone can see you are expecting a baby.

Oh Mum, what great insight! I missed my bible studies days with you.
Her mum smiled at her as she brushed back a strand of hair from her face, you can study on your own and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you.

In the parable of the sower that Jesus told in the scriptures in Mark 4:26-29, after a farmer has planted his seed, he will sleep, rise night and day but has no clue how the seed will grow but it definitely will grow. It's the same principle.

Mum, you know I just read the parables in the Bible like a story, I never knew there was so much to glean from it.

Well my dear, every word in the scriptures was written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit for us. There is a lot in there for every child of God to run with.

Anyway as I was saying, after a while everyone can see your protruding stomach so they know you are expecting a baby and after nine months you deliver the child.

The time has to be right, I mean pregnancy must be full term for our joy to be full, isn’t it?
'Oh yes Mum', she replied. 
I would not want to miscarry this pregnancy or give birth to a premature baby.

Exactly! So also a believer must wait patiently in faith for the miracle he or she has asked for in prayer.
There is a time for everything under the sun. Ecclesiastes 3:1

God honours faith, not need. If you have asked in faith, it’s only a matter of time; all eyes shall see the miracle.

Thank you Mum, you have really blessed me. She got up to leave.What will I do without you? She hugged her Mum.

To God be the glory said her Mum.
Don’t forget to send us the 12 weeks scan picture.

Bye Bye.

A Great Revelation

Everyone she knows seems to be happy with their life or are they not?
They look very happy, nothing seem to be bothering them.

I will give anything to be happy too and free of problems, Catherine thought to herself.

She got up from the couch and walked to the front door to pick up the post. The postman had just dropped them. 
As she bent down, she noticed a bulky parcel with two other letters, she ripped open the parcel whilst wondering what it was. 
Inside the brown envelope was a brand new glossy book.

'Fight for it’ was written boldly on the cover.

She peered inside the envelope searching for a note from whoever the sender was but there was none. 
Who sent this to her and what was it about? 

She shrugged her shoulders and walked slowly back into her living room. Maybe it was Lorna or Mum who sent it. Soon she will find out who it was, out of curiosity, she opened the book.

If you are a child of God and you are reading this,
You are blessed, blessed, blessed. (Ephesians 1:3)
However the blessings of God are not going to fall on
you like ripe berries off the tree.
You have to fight for it, take it and keep it!
God is not withholding any good thing from you
He is the one that provided the blessings for you
He is a good Father
But the enemy will contend with you
Why? Because you are blessed above all people.

She closed the book and shut her eyes. 

Yes I am a child of God, but right now I don’t agree that I am blessed, blessed, blessed, I don't even feel blessed she thought as the tears welled up her eyes and streamed down her face.

How can I possibly be blessed with all that is happening in my life. Whoever wrote this book is either living in a bubble or referring to some selected people, she thought. 
Her son was severely disabled and needed round the clock care. He was born that way, she loved him but wondered why they had to give birth to a disabled child. They were believers after all. 

They were also trying for another baby, yet nothing. The doctors said they couldn't find any reason why she shouldn't conceive but after her first pregnancy her body had just refused to conceive.

Their next door neighbour are not even Christians yet they have three children all healthy and well. 
Their finances weren’t great, they struggle to make ends meet yet both John and herself were graduates from reputable universities and they both work. 

They would love to have their own house but she simply cannot see how that will happen with their present status. 

What is really wrong with us? She thought.

She opened the book again.

Chapter 1
Do you know who you are?
Are you aware of what rightfully belong to you?
Do you know ignorance can make a man starve to death in the midst of plenty?

Colossians 3:3 (MSG) says your old life is dead,
your new life which is your real life –
even though invisible to spectators is with Christ in God

After you became born again, your old life of misery died. Do you know that?
You have a new life now and that new life is in Christ.
In Christ, there is no misery, sorrow, sickness, pain, lack, fear or want.
If you are experiencing any of these, you have to fight.
Fight for what rightfully belongs to you.
Fight and get back your peace, perfect health, joy, marriage, prosperity and long life.

Who are you fighting?
John 10:10 – The thief cometh not but to steal, to kill and to destroy!
Fight the devil, he is a thief, a liar and a deceiver.
Command him to steer clear off  your property. Be bold like a lion.
And put out a sign ‘DO NOT TRESPASS’ in the spirit on all that belongs to you.
Do not be like the ignorant believers who say I will just manage here and when I get to heaven, I will then enjoy with the Lord
No! Jesus became poor so you can be rich here on earth, the stripes on his body were for your healing, he conquered sin in the flesh so you can live a victorious life over sin
There is no reason to be miserable here on earth, fight for what belongs to you.

She wiped away her tears and thought to herself 'No one had ever explained it like this to me'
What great revelation and eye opener!

I pray everyday and go to church but I have have always asked the Lord to bless me in my prayers not knowing I am already blessed and I only need to contend with the devil and collect back all that belongs to me, she thought.

Now I know. I have to contend in the place of prayer for my son’s health, my fruitfulness and our finances.

First things first, she picked up her bible, she needed to start studying deeply to find out who she really is in Christ and all that belongs to her, only then can she take back what has been stolen from her.

She looked out the window and smiled. The sky was blue again.

Practice it!

Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me or seen in me put into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. Philippians 4:9 (NIV)

Apostle Paul is the one speaking here.

You want peace, read on....

What were the things he taught that he is asking us to put into practice? I have listed a few below

1. Don't be anxious about ANYTHING (Phil 4:6)
In other words, you are not allowed to worry, fear or lose your sleep regardless of where the threat or problem is coming from.

Apostle Paul says put this into practice, don't just read it in your bible. People say it's hard not to worry, I say until you learn to trust God completely that he meant every single word in the scripture you will never stop worrying. Instead of worrying, take the word of God and speak it to the problem and it must obey then watch as peace takes over

2. In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus (Phil 2:5).
What is Jesus's mindset? Humility.

Pride is a devourer. It destroys quickly. It gives you a false sense of achievement  but it's all to bring you down to nothing.

God can't stand the proud!

No matter who you are or what you have, you can't have more than Jesus. Bible says he was God but he became man. He humbled himself and lived among men.

Apostle Paul is saying in your dealings with others, humble yourself so that you don't become your own enemy as God cannot stand the proud, as you humble yourself, God Himself the prince of peace will exalt you

3. Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice Philippians 4:4 (NIV)

Why will someone who was constantly imprisoned and beaten say 'Rejoice always'. He wasn't rich materially so you couldn't say he rejoiced at his material wealth. He was in and out of prison for preaching and he was often shipwrecked!

Joy and peace go hand in hand. If you know how to rejoice in the Lord always, peace is guaranteed.
You will see the storm raging but you will be able to go sleep without a care in the world.

Put into practice the word and watch what happens.


Sowers and Eaters

Now he that ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for your food and multiply your seed sown and increase the fruits of your righteousness. 2Corinthians 9:10

There are two categories of people, the sowers and the eaters. 

God gives both categories bread to eat and seed to sow. The sower eats his bread but sows his seed while the eater eats both his bread and seed.

God gives each of us both seed and bread. You are meant to eat the bread, that's food for your belly but you should sow the seed!

Some people eat both and moan about not having. There are laws of God. One of them is you will reap what you sow
Galatians 6:7 meaning if you eat your seed and sow nothing then there is nothing to reap!

God is just, he will not ask you to do what you are incapable of doing. He will not ask you to sow a seed he hasn't given you. People say I don't have any seed to sow, I have nothing to give, yes you do! There is a seed in your hand that God has given you.

A seed doesn't have to be big, bible says everyone of us should give as we have been blessed. A seed in the hands of one person might be half of what another has but it's still a seed. God knows what he gave each of us.

With the seed came the choice also to either sow it or not, up to you however, God should not be blamed if you have nothing to reap at harvest as you didn't sow if you have eaten your seed.

Every one that sows must reap. It's a divine law. God made you and so he knows you need bread to eat which he provided but to help you prosper, he gave you seed to sow.

Eating the bread he gave you provides strength for your body but sowing the seed he gave you leads to abundance. How?
God multiplies the seed sown not the bread eaten.

Finally remember when sowing your seed, do so cheerfully. 2Corinthians 9:7
God loves it when you give joyfully not out of duty or pressure.

Give because there is nothing you have that you haven't received anyway from Him.
Give because you love the Lord, give  because seed time and harvest time will not cease so your harvest will surely happen.
Give because only God gives the strength to make wealth.

If you are a sower, you can never lack as the harvest is always more than the seed.