The path of the just

But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day. Proverbs 4:18

If you are reading this and you are a believer, the bible says your path is as the shining light, this means your route in life, the way you are travelling on is as a shining light and not only that your path will shine more and more unto the perfect day.

Well you might read this and not agree because you look at your present condition and conclude this can't possibly refer to me, well it is talking about you if you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, i.e the just. Who are the just? 

The just are people who have been washed in the blood and justified by Jesus.

Let's study some scriptures......

Therefore being justifed by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ Romans 5:1

Much more then being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him. Romans 5:9

In the scriptures quoted above, you have been justified by placing your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, it has nothing to do with good works, it's all to do with what Jesus did.  

You need to believe what the bible calls you, you need to agree with what the bible says you are, you need to consent with it, not look at how your present status looks like. Yes you can see your present status but you choose the authenticity of the word over your physical circumstances

Bible says and your path will shine more and more until you reach the perfect day, I love that.Things can only get better for a believer

Every believer who studies the word and agrees with it will rejoice because there is a perfect day coming up for you and God is guiding your steps towards that perfect day.

How will I get to this perfect day? By abiding in Jesus, why? 

Lets read John 15:4a - Abide in me and I in you, 

then John 15:3,I am the vine ye are the branches. He that abideth in me and I in him the same bringeth forth much fruit for WITHOUT ME YE CAN DO NOTHING.

It is in Jesus that we can do anything, it is in Jesus we can see God's word come to pass in our lives.

You are what the bible says you are, what the bible says about you will come to pass if you abide in the one who is the word himself. Outside of him, there won't be performance of his word but if he has said it and regardless of how things might look now, he will perform his word in your life and take you to that perfect day.

I believe what the word of God says about me and my tomorrow, do you?

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