Just you and Him

My two sons came to ask me as I laid on the sofa if they could have some particular snacks, I replied no for some obvious reasons but before I could finish what I was saying they had already left. They were watching some children's programme on TV and were very keen to get back to it.

I was still talking, I was actually saying ‘no you can’t have that particular snack you asked for, but you can have this other one but they didn’t wait to hear all I had to say to them. If they had waited they would have known I was actually offering them something better than what they had asked me for. Their conclusion that day was 'Mummy said no' though that was far from the truth.

Today I want to talk about waiting in God's presence to hear what he has to say to you

Be still and know that I am God. Psalms 46:10a

When was the last time you were still in His presence to just hear what He has to say to you?

Do you love to be alone with the Lord or you value the time with friends and families more? Do you treasure his presence above all? Job said in Job 23:12,  I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food. For him to be able to do that he must really love spending time in his presence to hear the words of his mouth. 

What is hugely popular amongst believers is to barge heaven with our prayers day and night. There is nothing wrong with praying day and night but oh what peace and joy when we tarry in his presence and just worship and then be quiet to hear what he has to say? What enormous blessings we deny ourselves when we don't stay for a while in his presence. 

We live in a fast paced world, eveeything has to be done in a hurry and sadly we manifest same attitude when it comes to being with the Lord. Get up in the morning,  quick scan at your devotional, pray and commit the day to the Lord and off we go.

What about creating a time and place to just worship him, just you and the Lord? No disturbances from anybody and no thinking of tomorrow's problems and fears. 

You always pray and ask from him, now you should decide and be willing to hear what he has to say to you, not stay for a little while timing it so you can quickly go to watch your favourite TV programme or go do some house chores or some other things but quality time with God, your father.

Isaiah 30:15, says in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.

Get away from the ups and downs of this life and find a quiet time just so you can hear what the Lord has to say to you.

The cares of this life, pursuit after mundane and vanities of life will not allow you hear from God, the things you are running after will run after you if you seek first the Lord, only the Lord knows where the right fish that has the coin in its mouth is out of the million fishes in the ocean. He alone has the solution to life’s problems, He is not confused like human beings over what decision to take, He is not thinking of what to do or not to do. He knows what to do always. All wisdom belongs to him.

Be still in his presence and know that he is God.

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