He knows

But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows. Mark 10:30-31.

Jesus  was the one who spoke these verses. He actually spoke it as he was sending his disciples out to evangelize.

His disciples were vulnerable, they had lived everyday with Jesus,  he was their backbone, he shielded them from the Saducees, the Pharisees and the religious leaders, Jesus didn't allow anyone bully them. He was always there for them.

The disciples enjoyed protection, physical presence of Jesus, provision and daily encouragement from the Lord himself but now he was sending them out 'on their own' without hisphysical presence. Now that's frightening.

Jesus knew their heart, he understood their fears and he knew what they were up against and see what he told them in the verse above. Every strand of hair on your head is numbered!

Jesus was trying to tell them ' no need to fear' I am a very detailed God. I know everything about you even to the number of hair on your head. I know your fears, your worries and insecurities but listen to me you are very valuable to me, you are a precious jewel, everything that concerns you concerns me and I won't allow any thing touch you or touch whatever matters to you.

People fear different things. For some it's about tomorrow - the fear of the unknown, for some it's about their children, will my children make it? Will they mix with the wrong group, will they take care of me when am old and weak, for some it's the fear of being jilted by loved ones, for some it's the fear of being left alone, for some it's the report they received from the doctors, for some it's about job security, for some it's nothing they can place their hands on but they are afraid, for some it's really the fear about whether their prayers will be answered or not and for others someone or something is threatening them and on their own they can't fight back.

Whatever it is, Jesus  said in his word in John 10:10-12, that even though the devil comes to kill, destroy and bring all these fears but he is the good shepherd.

Why did he describe himself  as the good shepherd and not something else?
This is because the sole responsibility  of a shepherd is to look after the sheep. That's all.

The shepherd  doesn't take any other job with his role as a shepherd. He doesn't multi task. He is focused on just taking care of the sheep. He doesn't take his eye away from the sheep.

In Yoruba language, a shepherd is calked the one who watches the sheep.

Jesus said he is not an hireling, an hireling is hired/employed to look after the sheep, he doesn't own the sheep so he is not committed to the sheep, when trouble comes an hireling  will run away and leave the sheep to be destroyed.

Jesus is your shepherd, his eyes is on you, he won't allow the floods of life overwhelm you. He will take care of your today and tomorrow, he will sort out your fears. If you think deep and look back, even you can say surely those times I had almost lost all hope, he had sent help to me.

Listen to what he said in John 10:13-14,

The hireling flees because he is an hireling and careth not for the sheep but I AM THE GOOD SHEPHERD and I know my sheep and they know me.

He knows you.

Good morning

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