Try again?

Howbeit the hair of his head began to grow again after he was shaven. Judges 16:22

When Samson's mother conceived him, the angel of God appeared to her and told her no razor must touch his head for he shall deliver Israel from the hands of their enemies, the philistines in Judges 13.

There was a plan for Samson's life before he was born and of course he grew up to be a mighty warrior and he destroyed the Philistines. They hated him and plotted for him and Samson fell into their trap.

Falling into the enemy's plan or failing at something is not proof of how your future will be except you give up.

In our verse above, though Samson's eyes had been plucked out and he was chained down by the enemy, his hair began to grow again. The significance of this is that power was made available again to Samson. God helped him again as he was able to accomplish much more than he did before the enemy captured him. The enemies he killed in captivity were more than those he killed when he was free.

You can not give up on your dream because you have tried severally. You can not allow fear of failure stop you from moving forward and trying again for if you do, you might never taste the success you dreamed about.

Samson enjoyed success for a while but the enemy got him. However he could have resigned himself to fate and accept defeat but he refused failure. He knew those who refused to try again will only have memories of failure but for him failure was not an option so he decided to ask God one more time for help.

There is no failure in your makeup. You can do it if you go for it. You can achieve your dreams. Don't let the dream die.

Jesus asked Peter to cast his net into the river, the same river where he had laboured all night. Luke 5:5
Peter would never have known success if he had given up.

Only those who try again will tell a different story of success.
Your success story is a trial away. Depend on the Lord for the grace to try again.

Your dream shall surely come to pass.

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