The harvest

Then Jesus said, the kingdom of God is like someone who plants seed in the ground. Night and Day whether the person is asleep or awake the seed still grows but the person does not know how it grows. By itself the earth produces grain. First the plant grows then the head and then all the grain in the head. When the grain is ready the farmer cuts it because this is the HARVEST TIME.  Mark 4:26-29 (NCV)

This is the meaning of the parable, the seed is God's word. Luke 8:11 (NLT)

In the first scripture quoted above, Jesus  told a parable to illustrate his message about the word of God.

He said a farmer plants a seed into the earth and then he goes about his business. If the farmer knows what's good for him, he wouldn't go and uproot what he planted say after a day or two or a week or a month to check if the seed is growing.

He leaves the seed in the ground, the best he can do after planting the seed is water it.

Jesus said in verse 27, night and day the seed GROWS,  either the farmer knows it or not, something is happening under the earth, he can't see it but the seed is growing!

Friends, the word of God is a seed! You need to plant it in your heart. Your heart is the earth. If you don't plant the seed of the word of God by studying the scriptures, there is nothing that will grow and when the day of persecution and trials come, it is only the word you have planted that will rise up within you to counter the attacks of trials.

Jesus went further to say the seed grows but the farmer doesn't know how.
People say 'well I don't see any changes, I am studying the bible consistently but there is no change in my situation, nothing is happening.
That contradicts what Jesus said. Jesus said something is happening,  the seed is growing, the word in you is growing, you might not feel or see any changes.

It isn't the day a farmer plants corn that he begins to see growth, it takes a while and the farmer that plants palm tree might wait years before seeing any growth.

In verse 28, Jesus then revealed a deeper truth. He said it is the earth that will produce the grain not the farmer!
You know what that means? I'll explain.

When the farmer is planting that one seed, he is trusting the earth to multiply that seed into several seeds. Multiplying the seed is beyond the ability of the farmer so he  trusts the earth to do it.

You are not the one that will cause the word to work for you, that's God's business but you have to plant the word in your heart by studying, remember Apostle Paul said in 1Corinthians 3:6 that he planted, Apollos watered but GOD gave the increase.

Now read verse 28 further down and see how Jesus explained the growth process. First the blade, then the ear then the full corn (KJV).
This tells you that the word of God you sow into your heart grows in stages, you don't study for a week or month or a year and if you haven't seen changes you stop studying. No!. David says he hides the word of God in his heart.
You don't know how it will grow but it will, your job is to keep studying

Verse 29, Jesus said when the grain is ready, the farmer then goes to reap because it is HARVEST time. Alleluia!!

Jesus said 'when' not if meaning your harvest time will come and like the farmer you can now go forth and reap it. If you  give up midway into the sowing process, how will you see harvest?

Harvest time is guaranteed if you sow. It's a law of God and it cannot be broken. God honours his word.

Keep sowing daily, hide God's word in your heart, don't be discouraged to stop. Set aside time for study always. Your harvest is on its way.

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