Loving His Word

If I had not loved your teachings, I would have died from my sufferings. Psalms 119:92 (ESV)

It is easy to look at the prosperity and achievements of David and forget that he went through a lot during his lifetime. You can get carried away with his success stories in the bible and forget he had many sorrows.

The verse above reminds us that he didn't have it all good all the time. He passed through many hard times, however he told us how he survived the hard times.

David said 'he loved the teachings of God'.

That is soothing most especially because he said he would have died from his sufferings were it not for the fact that he loved God's teaching i.e God's word.

Friends, hard times will come. .........

Your faith as a child of God will be tested. Jesus already told us about this in John 16:33 so when hard times come, how will I survive it?

Loving the word of God.

David already gave us the secret above. It's always good wisdom to learn from other people who have gone through what you are going through and how they made it.

But how do you love someone or something you are not acquainted with?
How do you love someone you don't spend time with?

How can I love the word of God?

Oh! How I love your law, all day long I meditate on it. Psalms 119:97 (NET)

David tells us how in verse 97. He says he meditate always.

David certainly was a busy person, he was a king, a warrior, he was in charge of a whole nation, he had to go fight battles yet he created time for the word of God always. He knew that's where the success and prosperity comes from. Everything else can wait, first the word.

Today sadly, the reverse is the case. Believers are too busy, no quality time for the word. Career, family, entertainment etc comes first before the word.

You have to create time, read it and meditate on it consistently. By spending time with it you fall in love with it. The word of God is not an ordinary book, it was written through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. 2 Peter1:21.

As you do this, you are actually spending time with the Lord Himself, His Spirit will breathe upon the words you are reading and they will guide you, tell you what to do, reveal secrets to you and show you how to overcome the hard times.

Falling in love with someone or something requires patience and persistence.  You don't stop studying even after a problem is solved or not solved, you make it a lifestyle because as we overcome a battle, the next hurdle is round the corner for the believer is engaged in a battle either you believe it or not.

Don't forget 1 Peter 5:8,  for your adversary the devil as a roaring lion goeth about seeking who he may devour.

I pray from today you make studying and meditating on the word of God a lifestyle.

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