Have you forgotten?

I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth. Psalms 34:1

No born again child of God has the right to complain or moan. I say this because God is good to you.

Well what about the problems in my life, you may ask? God seems to have forgotten me. My prayers are not answered. I feel all alone with no help.

David wrote that verse of the bible I quoted. He said as for him, he will bless God at all times. This is coming from a man who helped Israel kill their enemy Goliath at a time none of them could face Goliath including King Saul, yet the reward he got was an attempt on his life by King Saul. 

His own biological son disgraced him openly before all Israel by sleeping with his wives. The same son tried to take his Kingdom from him while he was still alive. I could go on and on yet with all his problems, he said at all times (good or bad) he will bless the Lord.

How was he able to do this?  Wasn't he human, you might ask? 

David never forgot God's goodness in the past  to him. He esteemed God's goodness above his present challenges. When he was about to kill Goliath,  he said to King Saul in 1Sam 17:37, the same God who delivered me out of the paws of the lion and bear will deliver me out of the hand of Goliath the philistine. You see, David remembered what God had done in the past!

Study the scriptures and you will find out that the main problem of the children of Israel was because they forgot easily what God did in the past hence it was easy for them to moan, gripe and complain.

For example they quickly forgot the miracle of the parting of the Red Sea which had never happened in the history of man, they saw water standing on heaps, the same sea that became a dry ground for them to walk on drowned their enemies, yet immediately after that they complained and murmured about no water to drink!

It's amazing how quickly humans forget!

You may read this story in the bible and think 'Oh how can these people forget so easily and not trust that the same God can provide water for them to drink, but think about yourself, how are you doing now with complaining secretly about that delayed answer from God?

How soon have you forgotten what God did in the past for you? That testimony you gave that caused you to rejoice, do you remember it now in your present challenges? because don't forget the children of Israel also sang and rejoiced after God destroyed the Egyptians and delivered them but soon after they forgot it.

Anyone who will not retain always in their mind what God did will complain, the crafty devil will give you reasons to hang your head and he will keep feeding you with reasons why you should not be glad and yes many believers listen to him.

His plan is to make you forget God's goodness to you and magnify your problem. He does this by reminding you of the not good things happening right now in your life and as you keep listening to him and focusing on the problems, you can't bless the Lord at all times.

This is the deal; whatever is happening to you right now that is not favourable is a ‘light affliction’. I am not trying to play down whatever it is you are going through but that is what Apostle Paul called it in 2Cor 4:17 (For our light and momentary troubles (light affliction,KJV) are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all) In other words, your testimony after this problems will far outweigh the problems.

Apostle Paul made up his mind to esteem the good things God has done for him over the bad things going on in his life.

It really is a choice what you esteem in your life and who you listen to. Each time you listen to the devil reminding you all the bad things going on in your life, what you don’t have and you want to have, then you become sad and think God has forgotten you but when you make up your mind to esteem what God has done for you in the past and what he is doing now even though you might not see it your heart fills with joy and you become thankful.

When you begin to count your blessings, name them one by one then you will be able to put things in the right perspective. Think how you can feed yourself with no tubes going down you, think how you go to bed everyday and you woke up fine not ending in hospital , think how you and your children are not begging before eating, think how many people even want to be in your position in life. Think of blessings God has brought your way, think of safety in the Lord, think of his mercy towards you despite your shortcomings.

Look around you and you will be thankful.

It’s really what you place value on in life. Make your mind up from today to never forget God's goodness to you. Remember it daily soon your worry, pain, sadness will fly away.

God is good to you.

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