How to study the Word Part 1

'And he said unto them, Know ye not this parable? and how then will ye know all parables? Mark 4:13

Jesus had just finished telling the parable of the sower and his disciples came to him for interpretation and he replied with the verse above. 
Jesus was saying 'if you don't understand this parable of the sower, how can you understand any other parable meaning this parable is extremely important and the foundation for all parables and so it is paramount you understand it.

What is so special about this parable of the sower?

This parable is talking about the WORD

Hence I am writing this series for every one who sincerely desire how to study and meditate on the word of God so they can enjoy the tremendous benefit in the word of God.

People struggle to study and meditate, some sincerely want to but say they find it boring or hard to understand, so they give up. Some depend only on what they hear on Sundays at church and nothing else. 
Some will read devotionals only without personal study of the word. If you are doing any of this, you are missing out, you are short changing yourself. The bible is a treasure chest waiting to be explored for the untold riches hidden inside it.

So how do I study?

First, you need to find out who you are in Christ. I recommend starting with the epistles Apostle Paul wrote. He talked a lot about who believers in Christ are. Underline them in your bible once you come across any and read it to yourself and say this is who you are.

A son can live as a servant all his lifetime if he is not aware of who he is but once he founds out he is a son, he begins to enjoy the privileges of a son and exercise the authority given to him. 
He will look at all that rightfully belongs to him and will wish he had known sooner.

A believer is a son (John 1:12) but of course if the believer does not really know he is a son then he can live all his lifetime as a servant, barely surviving and managing to get by in life, often sad, weighed down with worry and cares of this life.

A servant serves while a son is served.

Ephesians 2:6 says after you have been raised up (i.e after your salvation) you are now seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. 

This is who you are! 

But you see believers don't know or believe this. They look at their physical condition now and consent with that and base their life on that. No matter where you are now, there is a better and bigger you. The word of God says this about you, but do you know this?

I have given you one bible verse of who you are, now start studying and writing out who you are in Christ.

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