Why should I ask daily?

‘I think my Dad is behaving weirdly' Kathy moaned. Ever since i got into Uni, he just kind of changed towards me. 

Really? How do you mean? Said Lily-Anne.

Both girls were walking back to their house; they both share a two bedroom cottage not too far from their University College. They had met during the freshers induction week the previous year and had found out they were studying the same course. Both girls come from very wealthy families.

Kathy reached the front door and opened it; they both entered and collapsed on the large sofa. 
'I could do with a cold drink'. Kathy said and went into the kitchen. She came back with two bottles of coke and handed one to Lily-Anne.

'When I was much younger, I didn't need to ask him or my Mum for anything, she continued. Everything was simply provided. 

Do you mean your Dad has now stopped giving you everything you need? Lily-Anne asked.
'Oh no, not at all'. She quipped. He puts money in my bank account monthly which is sufficient for me, don't get me wrong and he says if I need more, I only need to ask but I just wonder why I now have to ask. I have never had to ask before as a younger girl, there was always more than enough for me but now that I am at University, he says to ask! 
I don't get it. I either call him to ask him or wait till month end when we have lunch together then I can ask. It's all so puzzling.

So why are you worried then? He says to ask and he will give to you. 
Just maybe he likes to hear from you constantly now that you are all grown up and not at home with them everyday, we both know he has the money to give you. Can't you see?, he even drives all the way down every month just to have lunch with you and talk! I wish my Dad would do that. Lily-Anne said very quietly.

I would give anything to see him more often or hear from him. He is ever so busy. Like you, money is not the problem, in fact I have more than enough in my bank account but I sometimes think he puts all that money in my account so I wouldn't need to ring him, that's even if I can reach him. I miss him terribly and would love to have him more around, even if it means only getting money from him daily. I think I would love to swap places with you Kathy, I don’t even need all that money he pays into my account, it's him I want not just the money. The money is a part of what he has, if I can have him always, then I have everything.

‘Don’t be silly Lily-Anne, that’s a ridiculous thing to say’ she rolled her eyes at her best friend. You sound like a needy 2 year old. 

Think about it Kathy, your Dad is extremely wealthy, yet he gives you only what you need at any particular time, why do you think he does that?
I don’t know Lily-Anne and I certainly do not like the idea. She crossed her hands across her chest.

Let’s go have lunch and stop talking about our Fathers.
That night, she turned and tossed on her bed and was unable to sleep. She thought about what Lily-Anne said but it just didn’t make any sense to her. Just then an idea occurred to her. Tomorrow was the last day of the month; she will be meeting her father for lunch as usual at Saturn Cafe. 

‘Hi Dad, have you been waiting for long? She asked.
'Not too long'  he said and smiled at her. I have used the opportunity to review some office reports I brought with me. How are you?
‘Fine’ she replied.
'Dad, you know you don’t really need to travel down every month just to have lunch with me. You could have stayed back at work and review your reports. She ran her hands through her hair nervously.
He smiled and looked at her, It’s fine Kathy, it’s no bother at all. I enjoy listening to you talk, that's why I come. I know you have grown into a fine young woman and I appreciate you might not want me around….
'Oh no Dad,  I actually love meeting you for lunch, i just wonder why you do it knowing you are extremely a busy man and it's not very convenient for you coming down here. 

'Dad, can I ask you a question? 

'What is that, dear? Her father said

Why do you put just the exact money I need in my account every month. I know you can certainly afford more than that and you can put more. 

'Yes I can, honey' He smiled and cupped her face in his large hands and lovingly looked at her and said ‘My child, I love you so very much and you are everything to me. Remember you are the only child your Mum and I have. Everything we have belongs to you and while I can afford to put more money in your account than you need at any point in time, wisdom and love says to release it to you as you need it.

I do it because I love you.

With a puzzled look on her face, she looked at him and said ‘I don’t understand Dad’.

The only reason I give to you as you need it is for communication, for fellowship. I want you to talk to me, ask me for whatever you need anytime, that way I am very much involved in your life.  If I give to you all you need in one go, then will have no need of me and before long we will become strangers.

All I have is yours, my wealth is tremendous and my investments are many but I will give anything to commune with you daily, not even my tight work schedules will stop that and this is why I look forward to our monthly lunch together.

Lily-Anne was right, she thought to herself. She got up and hugged her father tightly. I love you Dad, you're the best. Now I understand. 

God owns the heaven and the earth, everything belongs to him yet he taught his disciples to ask for daily bread, is He stingy? Is he withholding back from us? No! He loves us and all he desires is daily fellowship with us. When you go to him daily to ask for your daily bread then he knows you are in touch with me.

Luke 11:1, and one of his disciples said to him, Lord, teach us to pray......

Matthew 6:11 Give us this day our daily bread.

Matthew 6:8, for your father knoweth what you have need of before you ask him.

The silver is mine and the gold is mine, saith the Lord. Haggai 2:8

And he said unto him, Son, thou art ever with me and all that I have is thine. Luke 15:31

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