Why am I here?

As Jesus was getting into the boat, the man who had been demon possessed begged to go with him. But Jesus said "No, go home to your family and tell them
everything the Lord has done for you and how merciful he has been". Mark 5:18-19(NLT)
This is a popular story in the scriptures of the demon possessed man that lived in the tomb and after Jesus had cast out the demons and he was well, the first thing he desired was to go with Jesus.
He had known life under the devil and how terrible that was and so when he met the Prince of Peace, all he wanted to do was go with him but listen to what Jesus said to him 'Go home to your family and TELL them everything the Lord had done for you.
There was nothing wrong in him following Jesus and of course Jesus wasn't against it but you see the purpose why Jesus came was to save souls and whilst he lived here on earth as a man, he was limited in how many people he could reach at any point in time and so after he had healed this man, he told him, you go and pass on the message. Go tell your family what I did for you, tell them about the miracle you received,  your story will impact their individual lives and will show to them that even in this wicked and dark world, there is light and a solution to their problems.
Every born again child of God was at one time under the government of the devil before we surrendered our lives to Jesus and he washed us in his blood and saved our soul. Like we were told in Colossians 1:13 ' Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness and translated us into the kingdom of his dear son, you are now under the government of our Lord Jesus Christ and he wants to guide you if you allow him through his Holy Spirit.
But now that you are saved, what is next? Is it to just pass through this life with no impact made or is there more to life?
Are you dissatisfied with what you are doing now and feel there should be more to your life, do you somehow know you were cut out for more but you are struggling to find out what it is? Have you  asked the question 'Why am I here? What is my purpose here on earth? if this is you then please read on.
You were carefully created for a purpose. Read Psalm 139:13-14, 16-17 to see the effort God put into making you and that's why no one can do what you were created to do. You are unique, special and your task here on earth can only be done perfectly by you. If you understand this revelation, never again will you envy another person or want another person's talent. Remember the parable of the talent in Matt 25:14-30, he gave 3 people different talents to show to you and I we are peculiar and different. Bible says he gave according to each man's ability.
The person who sings beautifully is not better than the person who can organise events perfectly, the person who can stand before millions and preach is not better than the quiet, shy lady who cleaned the hall where people sat to listen to the preacher. If she hadn't cleaned and tidied up, the eloquent preacher won't be able to preach in a smelly, dirty hall!
Every talent is unique and blessed and one might be obvious for all to see than others but it's not superior to others and you should start using yours to bless people starting from your family (home).
Not everyone will minister to millions or a crowd,  your purpose might be to raise godly children by telling them about Jesus and when they grow up they won't depart from it and they will then go further and impact their generations like Apostle Paul referred to the unfeigned faith in Timothy's grandmother and mother in 2Tim1:5.
Yours might be to encourage that colleague at work who is going through a divorce and is finding it hard to continue living, give them a hug, listen to them, tell them how Jesus has brought so much joy to your life, just maybe you were put here on earth to win that single soul for Jesus and present them to Jesus on judgement day.
Look around, there are so many lonely people, many are sick in their bodies and they have lost all hope, just maybe the only way they will hear about Jesus the Healer is if you tell them how he healed you or healed someone you know. Even Jesus had to rely on that demon possessed man to tell his family about the Lord as he couldn't possibly reach everyone.
What about that young person you know in your family, your neighbour's teenager who is very unruly or that teenager you know whose parents have given up hope on and you have the gift of patience and the Lord has presented so many opportunities to you to counsel him or her, these days many young people are confused, they think they don't fit in hence the devil is winning them over through drugs and alcohol, a temporary fix to take them into a fantasy world that doesn't exist. You know deep down within you through the help of the Holy Spirit you can follow up a youth, tell them about Jesus with wisdom,  not forcing anything on them and not giving up either till that youth comes to love the Lord and when you achieve this, oh what joy you would have brought to the Lord.
The fulfilment you crave is in doing what you were created to do. Have you not heard of people who tried to copy and be like other people? they become frustrated, they then try something else and they keep going round in circles not achieving anything. They can never be fulfilled until they do what God created them to do.
Find your purpose and fulfil it.
I will give you a clue, it will be something that gives you joy, blesses people and impact lives and bring God praise!
If lives are not impacted positively by what you are doing then it's time to ask the Lord out of a sincere heart 'Why am I here and he through his Holy Spirit will reveal to you.

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