What is in it for me?

Then Peter said to him 'We've given up everything to follow you, what will we get? Matthew 19:27 (NLT)

In the verse above, a young rich man came to Jesus asking what he needed to do to have eternal life, he told Jesus he had kept all the commandments from when he was a youth, Jesus asked him to go sell all he had and follow him but the young man became sad because according to the bible, he had many possessions. 

Peter was there with the other disciples, they heard what Jesus said and of course to them, that was a hard saying. Why? To  keep all Moses commandments was no mean feat! That young man should be given a pat on the back, but Jesus didn't seem impressed rather he said, it will be harder for the rich to enter the kingdom of God. 

Out of fear and uncertainty, Peter asked the question in our verse quoted above. Obviously he was an ordinary fisherman with no great possessions like the young rich man and so if the rich young man found it hard to give up his earthly possessions to follow Jesus, what about him, who had given up all to follow Jesus? He needed to know so he asked.

What about you? have you ever looked at your unbelieving neighbour or colleague who seem to have it all and you wonder 'I am a believer, why are things like this for me? I have given up a lot to follow Jesus, what will I get?There is nothing wrong with this question, Peter asked the same thing 

Hence I want to talk about the relationship between you and Jesus and put things in the right perspective.

When a man and woman decide to come together and start a relationship and marry, they are committing to a lifetime of trust, respect, provision, care and loyalty.
When they exchange vows, this is what they are both doing,  either they fully understand it or not. Each of them is expected to honour and keep their vows as it is binding and recognised by heaven.

The relationship between Jesus and the church (you and I are the church) is one Jesus is committed to, he can't pull out of it because he already gave his life for it. Read Ephesians 5:25. You are very dear to Jesus. 

In a marriage, the groom pays dowry to get the bride, Jesus is the bridegroom and you are the bride, hence he paid with his blood to get you and after he left the earth, to ensure you are not alone, he gave you his Holy Spirit to be with you while he went to prepare a mansion for you (John 14:2) and he then said he will come back and take you home to that mansion by himself (John 14:3)

Jesus has your today and tomorrow planned already, you are in an important relationship. 

He couldn't have died and paid with his blood to draw you into a loveless, uncaring and austerity relationship where you bow your head barely surviving, beaten up, ? Why would he say 'every one that is thirsty, come to the waters and drink and he that has no money come buy and eat (Isaiah 55:1) if he didn't have his storehouse full of provisions?
He said it because he has everything you will ever need.

He answered Peter and said 'for following me, in heaven you will sit with me on the throne and right here on earth, you will be blessed and receive an hundred folds of whatever you think you lost for following me, then he added 'persecutions' as part of the package ( Read Mark 10:30)

Because things are tough now(Hardness not hardship is part of a believers life 2 Timothy 2:3 ) is not an indication that he is no longer with you or that he won't make a way for you or that in all cases you have done something wrong, your present situation is not the determinant of your tomorrow and it definitely will not last forever if you really know who your groom is.

Tomorrow will not be bleak for you as he has tomorrow in his hands. Jesus will take care of you, he is committed to you. He is the husband of the church and it is a marriage for life and in this marriage, there is joy, peace, fruifulness, prosperity, greatness and whatever it is you need for he will abundantly supply. 

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