Give thanks?

She wiped away her tears and waved at her mother as the train pulled away from the station. She suddenly felt very lonely and wished she had accepted her mother’s offer to stay till the following week but she couldn’t. She needed to be alone to think and plan her next move. She hadn’t stopped crying since the divorce became final, all along she had hoped he would change his mind. To be rejected by someone you loved deeply was heartbreaking.
She looked out of the window and realised she was almost home, she got up slowly from her seat and walked towards the door, there was a young couple standing there, holding hands and smiling at one another, they were obviously in love. She looked away and tried to stop the tears flowing but she couldn’t. 
Life had been cruel to her, why can't she be this young woman holding hands with her husband and smiling with no care in the world, why does it have to be her going through this emotional torture?  Why won't life smile on her, after all she is only asking for happiness in life, is that too much to ask? 
She alighted from the train and walked home. She was very tired and so decided to lie down and rest for a little while,  she fell asleep and was woken up by the cry of a child. She got up,  pulled her window’s curtain and saw her neighbour’s daughter sitting right in front of their porch with her little arms round her legs crying; quickly she ran outside to the child, carried her and knocked on their door, there was no answer so she opened the door and went in. 
Lying face down on the sofa was the little girl’s mother, she walked up to her and tapped her gently expecting a response but there was none, she checked her pulse and listened for her breathing, thankfully she was alive. She dialled 999.
‘Are you a relative as we need you to sign some forms?’ The doctor asked her. She shook her head and replied she was her neighbour and doesn't know any of her relatives either. She had recently moved into the neighbourhood with her daughter and no one knew anything about her.
Please come into my office, the doctor said. They both went in and the doctor explained her neighbour had been diagnosed with cancer few months back. She had started her chemotherapy treatment and her radiation treatment was soon to start. The doctor had warned her she needed someone close by to look after her at this time as the treatments will make her feel very weak and she will require assistance, she had collapsed when she was found. From the look of things she will be in the hospital for a little while.

She left the doctor's office with a child in tow, suddenly she has a child to look after while the hospital rings social services. She went back home with the little girl, made dinner for her and tucked her in to her own bed. She sat down, tired and hungry and as she was about to go into the kitchen, she realised in the past few hours, she had forgotten about herself and her ‘many’ problems. She hadn’t even for once thought about it! This is contrary to what she does everyday, think about her problems which depresses her even more.
She had saved a life by ringing emergency services, she had become a temporary carer for a child and she hadn't shed any tears also. 

Ever since the divorce, she hadn't stopped crying. It then dawned on her that when you think life is hardest for you, wait till you are thrown into what others are passing through.
She looked at the little child fast asleep on her bed, what if her mother never made it through the cancer treatments, what would happen to her? She sighed deeply and remembered her mother’s parting words to her at the train station ‘Thankfulness is a virtue, to be thankful does not mean you are devoid of problems, it means despite it all, you believe you still have something to be thankful for. Thankfulness is a rare virtue, not everyone is thankful’
She knelt by her bedside, casting her mind back to all the good things that had happened to her and she began to give thanks. She reckoned if she could stay her mind on the good things that had happened to her, she will always have a reason to be thankful. 
Yes she has been jilted by her husband and it still hurts but it was definitely not the end of life.
1Thessalonian 5:18, in everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
Give thanks!, you definitely have a reason if only you can think deep enough.

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