Let not your heart be troubled

Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. John 14:1
Jesus spoke these words to his disciples, he was about to be betrayed and crucified which meant the disciples would soon be on their own, he had been speaking so many words to reassure them knowing fully well he would soon be taken away from them and so yet again in this chapter, we see Jesus strengthening them with his words. Why?
One of the things almost everyone dreads in this life is to be alone or with no one to call to for help or no one to share your joy or concerns with. No matter how wealthy, influential or popular you are, you do not want to be at a point where you need someone to pour your heart to and there is no one.
Jesus had been with his disciples physically, they had eaten together, he had separated them from the multitudes and revealed the mystery in God's word to them, they had enjoyed communion with him, seen divers miracles and had seen how Jesus had confronted the hypocritical religious leaders, something no one dared do and knowing they belonged to someone who was fearless must have been comforting.
Above all, they had enjoyed protection but now that master was about to go, to where? they had no clue as Thomas clearly said to Jesus in verse 5 they didn't know where he was going. Now that is enough to make your heart troubled, your security is about to be taken away from you and they knew what that meant, they will be left among wolves! Ravening wolves!!
Jesus is a good shepherd, John 10:11. A good shepherd can see far ahead of the sheep. Whilst the sheep are feeding on the pastures, he is at alert looking for any stray wolf that wants to prey on the vulnerable sheep.
Jesus knows about it all, He knows about that condition you are in, He knows what you desire most, he knows about the threats in your life, he knows about those waiting for your downfall, waiting to mock you, he hears your heart cry, he knows your fears, remember he once lived with 12 vulnerable fishermen who always had to run to him despite the many reassurances he gives to them always and the many miracles they see him perform which was enough to make them trust him. Jesus isn't judging you, He isn't condemning you neither is he fed up with you. He loves you with all his heart and He is saying to you right now 'Let not your heart be troubled'.
You shall not lose that battle,  you are more than a winner, you are not alone,  remember a good shepherd gives his life for the sheep, that's what Jesus said in John 10:11. He already gave his life for you, will he not destroy all the ravening wolves of this life threatening to sink you?
Yes he will, let not your heart be troubled.

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