He's talking about you!

'Ye are the salt of the earth'. Matthew 5:13a

The ministry of Jesus attracted multitudes of people because He always had compassion on them. He healed the sick among them, raised their dead and never turned away the hungry. 

He met the needs of the people always and so everywhere he went, they followed him. Jesus also taught them the word of God, however whenever Jesus wanted to reveal deep mysteries about the kingdom of God, he would take his disciples aside and reveal it to them. 
One of such deep mysteries is the scripture quoted above ‘Ye are the salt of the earth’. 

Jesus told his disciples they were the ‘salt of the EARTH’ not ‘salt among a few people known to them and loved by them like their family and friends which would have been a bit easier to swallow, but ‘salt of the earth’. 

Now that is huge and I’ll explain.

Until a man surrenders his life to Christ and becomes born again, he operates in the flesh, Jesus said in John 3:6 ‘That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. 
Human being ordinarily dances to the tune of the flesh, the flesh dictates its wants and it has to be met. The natural man has no control over the deeds of the flesh and it is impossible to prevail by your own strength which is why 'New year resolutions' are very hard to keep whatever it is you are trying to do or not do. You struggle for a few months and you are back to square one.
Apostle Paul says in Galatians 5:16 says 'This I say then 'Walk in the Spirit and ye shall not fulfil the lusts of the flesh.

Even after a man becomes born again, if he does not renew his mind constantly with the word of God ( Romans 12:2), he will also give in to the dictates of the flesh and that is why we often hear the remark 'But he is a christian, why did he do that? Why is her attitude so bad?
By not renewing the mind always with the word of God, a believer doesn't know of the power residing on the inside of him or her, he or she is not aware of who he/she is in Christ, he/she does not know that 'sin shall not have dominion over him and so when the dictates of the flesh kicks in, he doesn't know how to stand firmly against it with the word of God because there is insufficient word in him!

For example, what your flesh wants is to do good only to those who have been good to you, that makes sense to the flesh. When people give to you, you give back to them or you see it as an obligation even when your flesh does not feel like giving back to them so you grudgingly give. When someone has been nice to you, you want to be nice to them too.

Now when someone has been nasty to you, what the flesh wants to do is pay them back in their own coin, your flesh will never desire to be nice to those who has been nasty to you. Your flesh automatically screams for revenge when you have been wronged and except you are daily feeding your spirit and renewing your mind with the word of God, you are susceptible to the dictates of the flesh.

Now as a disciple of the Lord, The Lord is saying to you ‘ye are the salt of the earth’. Whenever salt is added to food, it is to make that food tasty, it is to turn an otherwise bland food into something edible and enjoyable. Also salt is used by everyone, both believers and non believers, salt does not discriminate, Salt does not choose who can or cannot use it, everyone have access to salt, everyone uses salt, either in very little quantity or much or for those who don’t at all due to health reasons, they find an alternative to salt that will still make their food tasty enough for them to eat.

So when Jesus said 'ye are the salt of the EARTH, he didn't exclude anyone you can be good to, he didn't ring fence who you can forgive,  'the earth' includes everyone and everything, you can't be selective who you share the gospel with, you don't do good to only those who do good to you (maybe your friends and family). Jesus didn't say 'salt of your home/family' he said 'salt of the earth'
This is why I refer to it as 'hard to swallow truth'. 
Think of when you have been stepped on either knowingly or unknowingly or when you have been misunderstood and treated unfairly and yet Jesus says 'you are the salt'. Does this scripture apply in all cases even when I haven't been treated well? Are you saying I cannot retaliate? Why should I still exhibit godly virtues towards those who have treated me badly? Because Jesus said 'You, yes you, are the salt of the earth. Jesus is talking about you!
Today He is not here physically and you are the one standing for him, when the world looks at you, they see Jesus, you are his ambassador. As his ambassador, you represent who Jesus is and what he stands for.
Finally in the later part of Matthew 5:13 (NLT) Jesus said 'but what good is salt if it has lost its flavour?  A salt that has lost its flavour can no longer be referred to as salt because it can no longer perform its duty of making food  tasty hence it will be thrown away.
 I pray we will not lose our flavour in Jesus name. 

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