It's not the seed!

He got up very early in the morning. It's time to go sow the seeds, he knew quite well that if he doesn't sow now, there will be nothing to harvest. He had previously prepared the ground by removing the weeds, he had digged up the earth and he  ensured the earth was watered so he started to sow the seeds into the already prepared ground. Nine months came quickly and the corn was ready to harvest! with joy in his heart, he plucked the ears of corn and called his neighbour to help him as there was a lot to carry. His neighbour said to him 'I have watched your harvest every year and it is bigger than mine, what are you doing well that I am not doing? I also plant good seeds like you! He looked at him and said ' What type of ground are you planting in as the seed is not the problem, you have said it is a good seed. Do you prepare the earth in advance to receive the seed? do you remove the weeds as they will compete for the nutrients? is the earth a fertile or rocky one where a good seed cannot germinate? This was what Jesus tried to explain in the parable of the sower in Matthew 13. The seed is God's word, always constant, always fruitful because it has life in it, the problem is not the word, it is the heart listening to the word. Jesus said the word is choked in some heart by thorns (worries, anxiety,cares of this life) so that it can't produce,  in some heart the word is stolen by the devil because you don't even understand the word and how can you understand when your mind is all over the place with the issues of this life. However, Jesus mentioned the heart that is fruitful, it is the heart that is prepared to receive the word, meditate on it and do what it says. which is yours?

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