I need a miracle

The sons of the prophet cried to Elisha and said 'Alas master, for it was borrowed' in 2Kings 6:5. What was borrowed?  It was an axe to cut down wood for their use. Now an axe head is a heavy metal which will ordinarily sink in water according to human or natural laws and that was exactly what happened in this scenario, it fell into water and sank and because they had borrowed it, they knew the implications of losing what wasn't theirs and because there was nothing they could do within their power, they cried to the man of God for help.
Elisha turned a hopeless situation into a miracle! A miracle is simply the suspension of human or natural laws. God works miracles! He is the Almighty. When He arrives on the scene, he is able to suspend natural laws for you so that you can receive the miracle you need. For example in Matthew 14, Jesus walked on water and Peter did too. Naturally no one can walk on water, but because Jesus said to Peter 'Come' he was able to walk on water too.
Each one of us will face similar situations in this life where we will need a miracle. A seemingly impossible situation where even you know that except a supernatural power intervenes, there can be no way out.
I decree to you in the name that is above every name, that miracle you need is yours today. Receive it in Jesus name for he is a miracle working God.
All the people that needed a miracle in the bible and received it took their eyes away from the problem and focused on the miracle worker, you need to do likewise too.

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