Created for worship

Every creature of God was put here on earth to praise and worship God. Revelations 4:11 says God is worthy to receive glory, honour and power, why? For He created ALL things for His pleasure.
Have you ever wondered why the birds sing everyday? They are fulfilling purpose. They were created to praise God. The trees cannot sing but they bow in reverence to God. Isaiah 55:12 says the trees clap their hands, how? When the wind blows you can hear a rustling of the trees.
What about you and I? We are also God's creature, his handiwork, created even better than animals and trees to praise because we were created in his image.
Often times, the main reason why human beings struggle to praise is because of the worries of this life which was why Jesus said to us in Matthew 6:26-30 that the birds of the air and the lilies in the field don't have to bother about feeding because God will take care of them and God has been taking care of them for centuries and He will continue to do so, how much more we created like Himself?
So then leave the cares and worries to Jesus, let Jesus take over the worries and  you do your own bit which is to praise and worship Him for He is God.

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