All God wants from you!

Come now therefore and I will send thee unto Pharaoh that thou mayest bring forth my people the children of Israel out of Egypt. Exodus 3:10.
God was speaking to Moses here and in verse 11, Moses replied God and said 'Who am I that I should go before Pharaoh?
Moses knew who Pharaoh was so how can ordinary him go and face Pharaoh? Pharaoh was an earthly king, very powerful indeed, he knew Pharaoh had chariots of horses prepared and ready for war, he controlled a nation no one could topple over. Pharaoh's word was final, if he asked for someone to be executed that was it. Moses had lived in the palace with him so he knew Pharaoh well. He knew too much about Pharaoh to his detriment!
He probably didn't know much about God as he had been brought up in an Egyptian household though he knew he was an Israelite so when God appeared to him in Exodus 3:6, before God told him what he wanted him to do, He first introduced himself to Moses. Why? God knew that human being rely heavily on their senses, what they can see, hear, feel or taste. He knew Moses knows everything about Pharaoh and to remove that image from his mind He had to tell or remind Moses who He was. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! The God of his fathers! In other words, a covenant keeping God! A God that keeps his words,  a God that doesn't change, a mighty God but was that sufficient for Moses? No! as Moses was still petrified at the thought of facing Pharaoh, he not only considered the fact that Pharaoh was powerful, he also kept looking at his timid self. How could he a stammerer go face a king?
In all these, he never for once considered that he had a mighty God. All he thought of was how to go face a powerful earthly king, not for once thinking of the heavenly king who can unseat any earthly king.
Does this sound familiar?  When we are faced with mountain of problems, what is the first image that creeps up onto our mind?
Is it that of your heavenly God who is always on your side or of the problem you can see? Do you keep playing over in your mind what the doctor said, that letter you received, that humanly impossible situation you are living with?
Now it is interesting to note that in verse 8, God already said to Moses that He God was come down to deliver the people so he only needed Moses to trust him that He God will do as he said.
All God need from you is to trust what he said to you. You don't need a big faith to believe his word. Jesus said if ye have faith as a mustard seed in Luke17:6, a mustard seed is very tiny friends and you can exercise that little faith you have. You can today say bodly 'I choose to believe what God said above what I can see for very shortly as God drowned Pharaoh in the red sea with all his chariots and he became history, all the threatening situations I see shall surely become history in my life in Jesus name.


  1. Very lovely and thank you fof blessing us!!

  2. Thanks for this great reminder Funmi. Real blessing it is.